Friday, August 19, 2011

Housing Market Outperforms Shares

From Chris Joye:
"The chart suggests that a national portfolio of housing has comprehensively outperformed all other investment categories over this tumultuous period. What is also fascinating is that AAA-rated Australian government bonds have delivered almost the same returns as Australian shares (plus dividends) with vastly lower risk.

On the question of risk, the table below shows us that there have been five months over the last 11 years where Aussie shares have fallen in value by more than 5% (the worst being a stunning 14% loss). None of the other asset classes have had a single monthly loss of five per cent plus.

This just hammers home the point that if you get your market-timing wrong with shares, you could be underwater on your investment for many years. Think, for example, of all the poor folks who piled into Aussie shares around the market apogee in 2007 (see the peak of the red line in the chart above)."

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