Friday, August 19, 2011

Adjusting property value growth for inflation

Brisbane has been the weakest performing capital city market over recent times with property values down -7.3% from their March 2010 peak. When the results are adjusted for inflation, the fall in values from the March 2008 peak is much more pronounced at -12.3%. Similarly in Perth, the fall from the market peak is more than double (-5.4% versus -11.3%) when the results are adjusted for inflation.

On the flip-side these conditions are likely to impact on negatively geared investors. Given this, RP Data anticipates that investor activity is likely to remain relatively subdued and those investors which are active in the market are likely to have a much greater focus on yield maximisation rather than negatively geared properties. At least for the short term, investors chasing substantial capital gains are likely to be disappointed given the anticipated market conditions.

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