Sunday, December 2, 2007

Casino Tower Falls

Oaks has taken over the management of Casino Towers (another Devine building) and has the aim of turning this into a short term accommodation building.

Casino Towers has many apartments with good views over the river to South Bank. But it has its share of problems, even before Oaks gets involved. It faces West. Once it was advertised as having "never to to built out views", owners are now concerned that a large building is planned for right in front on the river as part of the North Bank project. And many of the apartments are poorly laid out, with small window or windows in a room facing the wrong direction.

Oaks is taking over the bottom end buildings in Brisbane:

Oaks Aspire - Ipswich (Opening Soon)
Oaks Lexicon - Brisbane CBD
Oaks 212 Margaret - Brisbane CBD
Oaks Felix - Brisbane CBD
Oaks Festival Towers - Brisbane CBD
Oaks North Quay - Brisbane CBD
Oaks Seaforth Resort - Sunshine Coast
Oaks Calypso Plaza Resort - Coolangatta
Oaks Anchorage - Townsville
Oaks City Quays - Cairns
Oaks Piermonde - Cairns
Oaks Lagoons - Port Douglas

And many occupiers are complaining:

Brisbane Apartment Sales

Koko (a Stockland development)
Apartment 238 - Greenwich Building - 2 bed 2 bath pool view - sold at auction on 1 December 2007 for $553,000

Arbour On Grey (a Mirvac development)
Apartment 1320 = Stage One, 3rd floor, 3 bedrooms - Sold for $1,100,000
Apartment 2214 = Stage Two, 2nd floor, 3 bedrooms - Sold for $962,500
Third floor, 2 bedroom apartment recently sold for more than $700,000

1901/132 Alice St, Brisbane - $850,000 (Quay West)
206/132 Alice St, Brisbane - $750,000 (Quay West)