Friday, August 5, 2011

High in the High Rise

"Here's another misconception: if you're buying apartments, high-rise is best, and the higher the better. This one, too, has been shot down by the results of research.

Brisbane property analyst Simon Pressley, director of 6-Point Property, has found, contrary to popular belief, that apartments in small complexes outperformed those in high-rise buildings on capital growth.

Meanwhile, analyst Michael Matusik argues persuasively that the common belief that apartments in the higher levels are more valuable than those below is also a myth."

Full story in The Australian

It is hard to react to 6-Point Property's research, because they do not make it freely available. It can be purchased for $1,650. One reason for the better performance of small complexes compared to high rise is that many of the high rise apartments in Brisbane are relatively new, and a number of people (particularly non-Brisbane investors) purchased off the plan at inflated prices. If these buildings were removed from the survey, I wonder if the results would change?

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