Saturday, May 15, 2010

Vue Apartments

The Vue Apartment complex on Coronation Drive has been impacted by its bad location and road construction activity. There is construction of the Hale Street link and GoBetween Bridge nearby, and the complex is located on the corner of a busy road and a highway. It was developed by FKP, who is now pushing a new development at Milton called The Milton. Example listings in Vue:
  • Apt 1705, 2 bed with roof top terrace listed at $750,000 being sold by the original developer FKP
  • Apt 3102, 2 bed, renting at $460, listed at $430,000 (sold for $350,000 in 2006)
  • Apt 2303, 2 bed, 5th floor, listed at $470,000 (purchased off the plan for $440,000 in 2004)
Apt 2409 sold off-the-plan by FKP in 2006 for $535,000 and was resold in February 2009 for $445,000.
Apt 2001 sold off-the-plan for $445,000 and resold for $400,000 in October 2009.
Apt 2008 sold off-the-plan for more than $504,000 and resold in Sept 2009 for $479,000

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