Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ferry Road, West End

On Wednesday, 5 May 2010, the Australian Financial Review had an advertisement of page 7 for 51 Ferry Road, West End. Jones Lang LaSalle is marketing the property for sale, as a 6,381 sqm riverfront site, with major development potential. Expressions of interest closing 3 June.
This would be a worry for purchasers in Waters Edge, because this is the neighbouring site, and many of the apartments look directly into this site. It may also impact the cheap apartments built on Ferry Road.

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observer said...

People would be aware that there are numerous opportunities for developement in West End and that potentially any site is ripe for development. Therefore if you want to live in this area then you must be prepared to have construcytion going on in an area nearby, even 'next door'. People who purchased in Waters Edge would have been aware of the potential for this site to be developed as it has been mooted for some time when the ABC indicated that it was going to construct a new building to house its various business units, ie radio tv and orchestra. If the nsite is redeveloped so what, their will be noise and dust until it is completed. This area is undergoing a huge transformation and anyone wanting to move into the area would be aware that this construction will be taking place and that a lot of people are going to be living here. Sounds a bit alarmist to me. Just like a previous blog which stated that public transport into the area was poor. Now the city glider is in place with service every 5 minutes in peak, 10 minutes off peak and 24 hr service on Friday and Saturday.