Monday, May 3, 2010

M on Mary

M on Mary advertises itself as a hotel. It is not -- it is a poorly designed apartment building with a large number of 1 bedroom apartments, and some 3 bed apartments.

Interestingly, this article says that they only do 28 days as the minimum stay. However, Wotif will allow me to book a 2 day stay. How can they advertise this low grade apartment building as a hotel?

i have been living here for about a year as i fly in and out of the country all the time this is the worst hotel i have ever stayed in nothing works and no one cares i have asked over the last year at least twenty times for my air con,tv reception,my shower,and my intercom to be fixed as i pay 500 dollars a week in rent to be told by the manager who is a real piece of work no we won't fix anything because that costs money,well so does the rent pal i have had clients stay here who have been shocked with the service and have commented that its like a rerun from faulty towers maybe they should rename the place shocking service terrible place to stay go somewhere else

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