Saturday, May 8, 2010

Edenview at Kelvin Grove

Edenview Apartments at Kelvin Grove are currently being marketed by a number of agents. Due for completion in mid-2011, this complex includes 15 one bed apartments (all sold), 40 two bed apartments (about 1o sold), and 7 three bed apartments (1 sold).

The prices for the 2 bed apartments range from $519,000 to $605,000. The 3 bed apartments start at $749,000.

As an example, apartment 126 is located on level 6, with street views. It has 2 beds, 2 baths and 1 car park. It is 78 sqm internal and 18 sqm on the balcony, for a total area of 94 sqm. It is listed at $579,000, which is about $6,150 sqm. The lounge/dining area is 4m x 6.3m, which is a good size. The bedrooms are 3m x 3.2m, a little tight. The second bedroom has a window onto the apartment hallway, which I don't usually like.

The complex has a pool, and the apartments have split system deducted air conditioning.

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