Saturday, August 30, 2014

High-rise Brisbane

A newspaper article by Matusik in the Courier Mail today reflected on potential changes to the Brisbane inner city apartment market:

"Brisbane is set for an increase in the supply of new inner-city digs.  Brisbane could well face an oversupply of downtown apartment stock.  And that increase in stock might more resemble a tsunami in terms of its impart on the market and potential investment outcomes.

For the past five years, the Brisbane market has been undersupplied, with an underlying demand of about 9000 new dwellings across Brisbane.  However, when we break down future demand by market segment, going rental demand (those who occupy a significant percentage of inner-city apartments) appears likely to fall.  And Brisbane's future demand will more likely be deriven by the increasing downs and retirement markets.  Those folk are, for the main, not enticed by large, high-rise complexes.

Rents are down, the vacancy rate is increasing and some resales in recently completed inner-city apartment buildings are already selling for losses.

Currently, the vacancy rate in Brisbane city is 4.2%.  Two years ago it was 1.2%.

And there are now 276 properties (as at June) for rent in Brisbane/Spring Hill, compared with just 48 two years ago.  For the first time in five years, rents have fallen."

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