Sunday, August 31, 2014

Austin on Grey Street

Austin on Grey Street is almost fully built.  The rental campaign has started.  A 2 bed 1 bath apartment on a high floor with "breathtaking views" is listed for rent at $550 a week.  My guess is that this is a bait & switch offer, and that you will not be able to rent an apartment with "breathtaking views" at this rent.  I suspect that the photos in the advertisement are not from this apartment, because the same photos are used for all apartments advertised for rent.  A small two bedroom two bath is listed at "from" $640 a week unfurnished.  This building is very close to a major traffic intersection.

It is worth considering other established buildings, such as Arbour on Grey.  An excellent 3rd level, 2 bed, 2 bath with park & river views is listed for rent fully furnished at $690 a week, much better value in my opinion.

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