Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No Views at Bella Vue - Contract Terminated

A recent Queensland Supreme Court decision worth noting:  Nifsan Developments v. Buskey.  Mr Buskey purchased a penthouse apartment off-the-plan from Nifsan in the Bella Vue complex at Emerald Lakes.  The contract price was over $1.5M.  Before signing the contract, the sales agent told them about the uninterrupted views that the apartment would have.  However, the developer was planning a building in front of the apartment that would block the views.  The court rescinded the contract, and Mr Buskey got his deposit back.

Interestingly, the developer had a policy of not telling its sales agents about relevant information.  The sales agent may be honest, but being kept in the dark by the developer.

Also, the evidence before the court was that the apartment was not worth $1.5M when the contract was signed, and was now worth about $800,000.

Extreme care must be taken when buying off the plan.  You may be paying way too much. What the sales agents tell you may not be true.

See full text of decision.

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