Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hamilton One (also called Harbour One)

Here is a comment sent to me by a reader:

Recently, I arranged an inspection of apartments for sale in Hamilton One.  I am in the market so the request for an inspection was 100% genuine. 
The complex was only just finished. The thing that turned me straight off permanently in my particular situation, was that all the one bedroom apts do not have an oven to cook with and there is no provision for one, just a two-burner gas top. They have put in a movable bench-top convection microwave. It would be impossible to put a small gas BBQ on the balcony because the balcony’s are essentially closed in albeit for the concertina sliding windows which are up at about eye level upwards so the gas BBQ would essentially be inside, a VERY BIG no-no.  Of course, horses for courses and some people don’t cook, (I suppose??) so they may see that as a plus. Micro-waved and wok-cooked food does not appeal to me personally. 
While prices are advertised at $300,000 for one bedroom, that’s with a view of other high rise buildings, and no car park. I guess if you don’t have a car that’s fine, why pay for one if you don’t need or want it? I personally could not do without one. Therefore for me with a car, I think from memory (check for yourself) that one needed about a $415,000 start to have a car park however, that did include a reasonable view (in my opinion) since the one brm apts with car parks are on higher floors than those one brm apts without a car park. 
The concertina windows when open did seem to provide good ventilation and individually controlled ducted air con is throughout. The apt’s did have plenty of natural light which I thought was good, though another seven story complex is now under construction on the Nth side so that may impact on light, maybe not. 
Comms are Optus only. I personally did not like that “no-choice” option. According to the agent, hot water is individually metered from a central (gas??) boiler that distributes hot water around the complex and water is individually metered. I’m not sure how one went about getting electricity. I wonder what the unit rate for those utilities is? Foxtel is wired in, buy it yourself if you want it. 
The sales agent while quite pleasant seemed otherwise busy so other than a couple of apartment configurations, I was not shown around the complex to see the pool and any other facilities that may be there. I saw one pool though I think there may be two???

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Annette Higgins said...

The 1 bedroom should be advertised as a studio, if it does not have a full oven. Looks like the complex has gas hot water (bottle), which is metered by the amount of hot water you use. It is by far the most expensive form of hot water, nearly twice that of the old electric tanks. Expect your gas hot water bukk to be $200/quarter.