Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tennyson Reach Write Down

"LEADING property developer Mirvac Group has written down the value of a flood-damaged development, Tennyson Reach in Brisbane, by $80.8 million.

The latest writedown, which the company previously foreshadowed, brings the total in the group's residential land assets to $295m this year.

Mirvac said that since the January floods, the Tennyson residential market had limited transactions and pricing had been affected by uncertainties created by the pending results of the Queensland flood inquiries.

The group revalued the carrying value of Tennyson Reach, including 43 unsold apartments and the remaining undeveloped land.

"This has led to a provision of $80.8m, resulting in zero value as at May 31, 2011," the company said in an ASX announcement."

The Australian

See also Courier Mail

This is not a surprise. This development was not in a great location, and there are very few facilities for residents in the area. The development had bombed well prior to the flood -- the flood was the last blow for a dog of a project.

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