Saturday, June 4, 2011

Admiralty Two - Doing Well

The Courier Mail reports today that a 3 bedroom apartment in Admiralty Towers Two (Apt 180 on level 32 in the "high rise" section of the building at the Storey Bridge end) was sold for $1.05M. Despite getting water in the basement carparks during the floods, the prices in this prestige riverfront building are holding firm. The body corporate of this building is reportedly installing special plates to stop river water entering the basement through air vents (similar those in Admiralty Quays nearby that did not flood.)

Another 3 bedroom, Apt 119, also sold recently for $1.08 million.

There is a 3 bedroom on the city end on level 30 listed for sale at $1.15M (Apt 166).

There is also a large 116 sqm two bedroom on level 12 for sale in Admiralty Towers Two (Apt 70) for $860,000.

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