Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Investors Returning

New mortgage sales figures for May point to investors returning to the Queensland market. More than a third of loans (36.5%) processed in Queensland in May were investment loans, the highest figure for more than a year, according to the latest AFG Mortgage Index.

This is just below the proportion of investment loans processed in Victoria (38.8%) and NSW (37.9%)

Mark Hewitt, general manager of sales and operations at AFG, tells Property Observer the Queensland market has reached a point where house prices have come down in past 12 months, meaning investors are seeing value in the market.

“We are not anticipating a massive rush, but there are positive signs in both Queensland and WA,” Hewitt says. “That there is a lot of stock available, especially on the Gold Coast. Looking at the overall market, Hewitt says property investment has remained at consistent levels throughout the ups and downs of the property cycle, but strengthened significntly in May. It is certainly a buyer’s market right now, and investors looking at rising yields are probably better insulated from the impact of rising interest rates than other types of buyers.”

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