Saturday, June 4, 2011

Circa Nundah

A new multi-building apartment development at Nundah, called Circa, is currently being marketed. A colourful brochure has been produced. All up, the 2.5ha Circa Nundah will have 309 apartments, 13,000 sqm of office space and 6500 sqm of retail.

According to the AFR (9 June 2011), in the past three weeks, the marketing has attracted initial holding deposits from 50 potential buyers.

A two bedroom apartment (75 sqm internal, total 93 sqm) is listed at $535,000.

A small two bedroom apartment (70 sqm internal, 30 sqm balcony) is listed at $585,000, which seems to be incredibly expensive for a tiny apartment in Nundah. I would reckon $100,000 less and it may be in the right ballpark.

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