Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Unrealistic List Prices and Lowball Offers

A nice article:  "Lowball offers for property not uncommon in current soft market and hard for vendors to swallow".  I am often surprised by the list price for an apartment.  For example, I have seen some apartments recently where the list price is $100,000 more than the sales price of a similar apartment a few floors away that recently.


"Many vendors (irrespective of the value of the home) can be fixated on achieving a particular price for one reason or another. Owners of premium properties are no different and can sometimes be stuck on an unrealistic price. Quite often when sales agents call to inform me of silent listings, the first thing I ask is how the price has been determined. Very often they openly admit that it has been hard to set the price and ultimately it has been dictated by the vendors. In these instances, it can take time to condition the vendors to accept a significantly lower price than they originally hoped for."

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