Friday, September 28, 2012

Decline in Proportion of Apartment Sales

"Although units offer a significantly lower price point at which to enter the housing market, the vast majority of sales across the country are for detached houses as opposed to units. The recently released 2011 Census data showed that 75.6% of occupied dwellings were houses highlighting that they well and truly remain the dominant housing type.

Over recent years there has been a decline in the proportion of units sold, both nationally and at a capital city level. The decline can partially be attributed to the fact that more recent off-the-plan unit sales don’t enter into our figures until they reach settlement. The decline may also be as a response to first home buyer grants and stamp duty concessions that have been available, as well as recent falls in home values which has improved affordability. Unit values have typically recorded lower value declines than that of houses and this may be leading to buyers taking the opportunity to buy houses as opposed to units."

RP Data: Why has the proportion of unit sales declined since 2009?

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