Thursday, September 6, 2012

Quay West Sales

There have been three recent sales of one bedroom apartments in Quay West, at 132 Alice Street, Brisbane.  These are large one bedroom apartments, about 74 sqm including balcony, which is the size of many two bedroom apartments.  These apartments have views of the Botanical Gardens.

The recent sales have been for $450,000 (two apartments) and $460,000.  It is not clear if the apartments are being sold furnished or not.  These are prices at 2009 levels.  There was a dip back to the $420,000 mark in 2011, but now pricing has recovered.

By comparison, a number of 1 bedroom apartments in Admiralty Quays have recently sold for $580,000, and one at $595,000 in August 2011.  (In September 2009, a one bedroom sold for $612,500, so not yet back at that peak.)  Admiralty Quays is a high quality building with direct riverfront.  These one bedrooms are about 76 sqm.

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