Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Changes to Lot Entitlements, Again

The Campbell Newman Queensland Government has decided to change the lot entitlement laws, yet again.  This adds more uncertainty for apartment owners and people intending to buy apartments.  It also enables a body corporate to reverse any recent changes made to their lot entitlements under the prior law.  So some apartment buildings will end up having 4 lot entitlement schemes within 4 years.  As a direct result of these changes, some apartment owners will have their body corporate levies increased, and a minority of apartment owners will have their body corporate levies significantly decreased.

The Newman Government is clearly favouring rich penthouse owners over those owning the less desirable apartments in a building.  These changes will create further disharmony in some apartment buildings.

Before buying an apartment in Queensland, you should make sure you fully understand the implications of these changes.

Details see:  SSKB newsletter   (Story about old law that has now been repealed is here.)

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