Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Rental Market in Brisbane

This is an extract from a real estate agent's newsletter who sells inner city apartments:

"Where does that leave the rental market??

Going up, up, up – as many people are forced to wait much longer than they had hoped or expected for rebuilding to commence and renovations to be completed. Almost 8,000 homes were inundated by the January floods, and another 10,000 homes were partially affected. This means that the homes of almost 40,000 people would have been somehow affected!

“The increasing demand (for rental properties) us likely to create upward pressure on rental rates as those displaced persons look for temporary accommodation over the next 6-12 months”, according to recent RPData report on the effects of the floods on the housing market. “The issue is that rental houses will be in short supply and many may have to opt for a unit instead.”

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