Sunday, April 17, 2011

Madison Heights Bowen Hills

Metro Property Development and Pearls are marketing a 29 level high rise off the plan in Bowen Hills. The development is called Madison Heights Bowen Hills.

Metro is a recently formed company by David Devine and Ken Woodley. Both are ex-Devine (a listed company controlled by Leightons). Devine has a reputation for building low end apartment complexes. Pearls is an Indian development company.

The Madison Heights development has 182 studio/one bedroom apartments and 104 two bedroom apartments. This gives a total of 286 apartments. However, there are only 204 car parks. So taking into account visitor car parking, about 100 apartments will not have a car park. The development is in an industrial area, on Campbell Street, opposite the Courier Mail printing site, with good views of the hospital and inner-city bypass. There are no amenities around, so a car is needed.

The apartments are tiny. For example, an example two bedroom apartment is 70 sqm, including a 4 sqm balcony. (It is hard to call 4 sqm a balcony -- that is smaller than a bathroom.) Typically, I would not recommend a two bedroom which is less than 85 sqm internally, and even that is small. A good two bedroom should be at least 90 sqm internally. For comparison, you can buy modern two bedroom apartments that are 110 sqm internal.

And pricing is not cheap. A two bedroom, two bathroom which is 73 sqm internally plus a 4 sqm balcony on a low floor is listed for sale at $548,000. This is outrageous. This is over $7,000 a sqm.

Compare this two bedroom apartment in River City, a Devine building (developed by David Devine and Woodley). It is not a great quality building, and it is a few years old, but there is no reason to think Madison Heights will be any better. It is located on Albert Street in the city -- a much better location. It is 76 sqm internal plus 13 sqm balcony, with views of the Botanic Gardens. It has one car park, and is being sold furnished, for "offers over $450,000". So if it sells at $450,000, that will be $5,056 a sqm.

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Annette Higgins said...

$5000 /m2 is a typical price paid for a near new apartment in a mult-story complex in Brisbane inner city. I dont see many 2 bedroom apartments with 110m2 internal. Maybe penthouses?

Even with the many risks and poor value for money, it is hard to break the addiction of buying off-plan.

Wizard.Bookings said...

This building is a disgrace. The developer is pulling the wool over people's eyes. The design is flawed on so many levels and the apartment arrangements just don't work, not to mention the fact that they totally ignore basic sustainable design principles such as aspect and air flow. Before you buy get an architect to advise you.