Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Riverpoint Flood Clean Up

"The building was inundated on 11th January 2011, taking out all the plant and equipment in the basement, and power to the building was cut. The pumps were inoperable and all motors were damaged. The body corporate has submitted a claim to its insurers but is not sure when or if it will be met.

The body corporate has prepared a damage report and a preliminary estimate of costs for the clean-up, hire of plant and equipment, purchases involved in the clean-up, temporary electrical power and supply, pump equipment, rubbish disposal, repairs to the electricity supply and switchboards, repairs to ducting and air-conditioning, replacement of pumps and sensors, repairs to sewer and stormwater pumps, repairs to 8 lifts and replacement of lift equipment, pool pumps, entry roller door, fire doors, painting and “miscellaneous.”

The total estimate is $551,341.35 including supervision and co-ordination of the repairs, exclusive of GST."

See decision regarding Riverpoint at West End.

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