Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mirvac at Portside

Mirvac has lodged plans for development approval for 4 buildings in the Portside Hamilton area. The towers will range in height from 23 levels for Building 1, 18 levels for Building 2, 8 levels for Building 3 and a single level retail building for Building 4. There will be over 500 apartments. The apartments are small. 300 apartments will be only 50 sqm internal, and about half of these will not have a balcony. (Compare Quay West 1 bedrooms by Mirvac, that are 72 sqm including balcony.) About 200 2 bedroom apartments will have an internal area of less than 80 sqm.

This development will add further density to the area, and kills the rear views for the Promenade Apartments from Multiplex.

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