Thursday, September 3, 2009

Pets and Prices

"But real estate agent says pet-friendly apartment buildings are worth more than those that prohibit pets. "Any small apartment block that doesn't allow pets is crazy," Leonarder Collins says. "Owners are just doing themselves out of money."



Unknown said...

I agree,

I have found a nice 3 bed apartment in south Brisbane that i am considering buying. However any contact would be subject to body corporate acceptance of my two small dogs.

If they don't accept then i simply will not purchase.

I don't believe i would be the only person with this view point. Most body corporates should be looking to allowing small animals and putting weight limits or size limits on pets.

Its so disappointing that we can be backwards about some issues.

eveelizabeth said...

I also agree. I much prefer the attitude of the Europeans where pets are accepted just about everywhere including restaurants and shops. They don't seem to come down with terrible diseases as a result of this tolerance either.
Many Australians seem to have a cruel attitude towards their pets leaving them forever neglected in the backyard and the method of transportation of farm animals doesn't bear thinking about.
Perhaps it's explained by the convict background of many of their owners.