Monday, September 28, 2009

Gabba Central

A reader sent me this comment, that I post without editing:


Don't buy these apartments. In August 2008 there were about 50 unsold apartments, out of 154 apartments in Stage 2 (i.e. Towers 3 & 4). Developer went 'broke' because they wanted to wash all the problems here off their hands. Now the developer's company is still under receivership, and there are still about 30 apartments unsold.

I am an owner (first hand) and have been living here for more than a year. Body Corporate has spent heaps of money fixing building defect (including external walls cracking, plumbing failure resulting in apartments flooded - thank god not mine).

Today the glass of a glass door between my bedroom and the balcony shattered by itself suddenly and without any prior warning! Had to get a glazier in to do urgent replacement and I don't know whether the cost would be covered by Body Corporate's building insurance."

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