Saturday, May 31, 2008

Westin to Block Casino Towers and Festival Towers views

Here is a photograph that I took today from the South side of the Brisbane River.

Casino Towers is the tallest looking building, in the centre of the photo. (Casino Towers is 120 metres high). To the left of Casino Towers, you can see Festival Towers. The Casino is the old building in the foreground. Number 111 George Street is on the far right (145 metres).

Below, is a similar photo, showing the planned Westin Empire Square building. As you can see, Festival Towers will be impacted (you can't even see it in the photo below), and many apartments in that building that have river views today may not have river views when the Westin is complete. The Westin Empire Square will be 62 levels and 220 metres high. Also, a number of the "back" apartments in Casino Towers will have their views taken away by the Westin Empire Square.

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