Saturday, May 10, 2008

Water's Edge at West End - Now Released

Pradella's Water End development (Stage 1) at West End has been released. Pricing is aggressive.

1 bedroom (Apartment Type G - 61 sqm internal). High floors will likely have river views.
Facing South/West - $475,000 to $625,000
Facing North - $495,000 to $695,000
Most of these sold out on the first day of pre-release.

2 bedrooms

Apartment Type L - 84 sqm internal
Facing North - $665,000 to $945,000
To get a river view, I think you need to pay at least $835,000 for this style apartment.
Plans below. Click on plan to enlarge. As you can see, one bedroom really has no windows.

Apartment Type C2 - 103 sqm internal
Facing North, and close to the river but not a direct river view
$1,055,000 to $1,295,000. Not all of these will have a river view.

Apartment Type D - 113 sqm internal
Facing North, and in the centre of the complex with a pool view and some higher floors will have a river view.
$1,095,000 to $1,320,000.

There are other 2 bedroom layouts, and facing different directions.

3 bedrooms

Apartment Type C1 - 115 sqm internal
3 Bedroom, 2 Bathroom (one bedroom does not have a window - see plan below)
Facing north, but not direct riverfront and some may be too low to have river views - $1,230,000 to $1,630,000

Direct riverfront 3 bedrooms - Types A1 and A2 (159 sqm internal), facing West
$1,945,000 to $2,245,000

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