Friday, May 31, 2013

Brisbane Rental Report

Brisbane Letting Agent RBCX has issued the following rental report for Brisbane City and inner Brisbane:

"The CBD market seems to be like no other.  Apart from short periods here and there, the demand for rental properties in the CBD is very strong.  There may not be the 20+ attendees at every ‘Open Inspection’, but there are generally eight to 10 interested parties.

The rental demand is strong for units up to $800 per week – and this includes furnished units.  Above that level, the market shrinks significantly and vacancy periods can be three to four weeks+, unless the property is new and/or modern, with fixtures, fittings and d├ęcor to match. River and City views are essential.

The CBD buildings that experience less demand are those that offer short-term letting, as well as long- term residential. These buildings can be very noisy with a pervasive party atmosphere.

The Inner-City market is not faring as well as the CBD market.

In the last quarter of 2012, the rental market tightened markedly with the first signs of the downturn in the Resources Sector. There has been further erosion to rents in 2013.  There are many reasons why the rental market is flat and rents have contracted: the gradual 2012 exodus of Corporate tenants, who were the bread-and-butter of Inner-City rentals, gained momentum. In some areas, they have almost disappeared from the rental landscape; the announcement of the Federal election almost six months out from 14 September 2013 has seen many businesses go into semi-hibernation; job shedding in the Public Service market; the fallout from a Resources Sector seemingly in increasing decline; job insecurity; rising unemployment due to a flat economy; and loss of consumer confidence.

Also, many people who were Inner-City tenants have moved to the suburbs. They are prepared to sacrifice proximity to the city for more affordable rents. This trend is increasing with properties, particularly houses within 10 kms of the CBD being in heavy demand.

Our experience is the Inner-city renter wants everything within walking distance: transport, shopping, entertainment. They do not want to have to drive to services, facilities, infrastructure and entertainment precincts.  There is also a great deal more competition from new developments in the Inner-City areas, including Kangaroo Point, Teneriffe and New Farm. New building stock with all the aforementioned criteria is offered at rents below those of older, established buildings. New buildings with trendy, contemporary interiors and more attractive rents are appealing to the sought-after Corporate market, as well as private renters."

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