Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ugly Brisbane

Chris Joye had APM (a division of Fairfax) conduct an analysis to determine in which markets most buyers have lost or made money.  APM looked at all properties sold since January 2009, and conducted an EVR (electronic valuation) on each of these properties to determine if the current valuation was more or less than the purchase price.  In Brisbane 71% of properties sold since January 2009 were now worth less than the purchase price, according to APM's valuations.  Who says that you can't have a capital loss when buying property?

From my brief review of the property market in Brisbane (e.g., looking at listings and actual sales, talking with agents, making offers on properties, etc.) it seems to me that the situation in Brisbane is somewhat dire.  And it may not improve soon, and could get worse.  Even though interest rates are falling, a more important factor is employment -- and unemployment in Brisbane is on the increase.

See Chris Joye's Another Cut article.

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