Thursday, August 23, 2012

Rental Crash Coming?

I wonder if a rental crash is coming?  From my review of listing portals, there is a build up of property for rent in Brisbane.  Some landlords are reducing rents.  I am not sure if this is seasonal, or part of a trend.  There are less students renting in Brisbane at present, and less consultants doing government work.

A reader sent me this via email:
"Enjoy reading your blog, just wondering if you have noticed the huge rise in listed apartments for rent in Brisbane. The price also seems to have fallen, seen 2b2b1c furnished in Bowen Hills/Kelvin Grove for $520. Casino Towers 2b2b1c for $480 Emporium has gone from 2 apartments available 2 weeks ago, to over a dozen. Not sure you keep stats on these things, but would be interesting if you could post them if you do."

If anyone has any evidence on this topic, please let me know.

The economy is not strong in Brisbane.  Some government departments are doing forced redundancy programs, where 30% of employees and almost 100% of contractors are being let go.  Small business is hurting, with costs increasing and revenue decreasing.  My guess is that the actual inflation rate and unemployment rate is higher than being reported.

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