Friday, August 31, 2012

Buy or Rent a Brisbane Apartment?

See RP Data's recent and popular "Buy or Rent" report.  Details on RP Data blog.  The report says that it is better to buy rather than rent an inner city Brisbane apartment.  But this also means that landlords are doing well.

"Regional areas of Queensland have a much greater number of suburbs that are currently cheaper to buy than rent compared to Brisbane. Across the state the stronger performance of the regional markets is reflective of the fact that a majority of Queenslander’s live outside of Brisbane and in particular it highlights the strength of the mining and resources regions across the state.

At a Statistical Division level, the most populous region, Brisbane, shows the greatest number of suburbs that are cheaper to buy than rent across most scenarios. This is reflective of the weak capital growth conditions that have been evident across Brisbane and the fact that rents have continued to increase, whilst home values have not."

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