Saturday, March 10, 2012

Who is buying and what are they buying?

From the newsletter from an agent that specialises in mid-priced inner city Brisbane apartments:

Usually buyers are hot-off-the-mark in January, however this year we’ve seen buyer interest only gradually increase in January with a marked jump in February. This also translated into sales and is a positive indication of the year to come. In fact, we recorded more buyers signing contracts than in any other month over the last two years.

What are people buying? The trend to properties up to $500,000 continues within the CBD. Although there is and always will be certain demand for top-end properties, $500,000 seems to be the upper limit for the majority of buyers, particularly investors, at present. One bed units were the ‘property of choice’ in February, probably due to their perceived more affordable price.

Who is buying? Both owner occupiers and investors were busy in February. Currently, the tightening CBD rental market is directing some tenants into property ownership as the most viable alternative. This is not only true for young professionals, but also for overseas students not able to find CBD rental accommodation. On the investor front, we recorded significant interest from overseas buyers, particular from China.

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