Saturday, March 24, 2012

My reflections on the inner Brisbane apartment market

Here are my thoughts based on my non-scientific observations:

  • Most of the apartments sold in inner-Brisbane in the past year have been one bedroom apartments.
  • Thus, the medium price will be lower, because the kind of apartments selling are the smaller, cheaper apartments.
  • However, many apartments are being sold below the previous sale price for that same apartment.
  • In a number of buildings, the prices being achieved for apartments are equivalent to prices in 2007.
  • Two bedroom apartments above $600,000 are not selling.  If they do sell, the contract often crashes.
  • In some quality buildings, prices have not deceased, but there have been few sales.
  • Vendors are discounting if they need to sell.
  • Rents are increasing, but so are body corporate fees.
  • Apartments being sold off-the-plan are being sold at prices that well exceed the price of similar existing apartments.
A sample of sales from a Ray White report is set out below.  (Double click on image to see larger version.)

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