Friday, September 16, 2011

New Development - Centrus One

A new off the plan development, Centrus One, has recently launched.  It is located in Eight Mile Plains.

Floor plan grid here, showing that 3 out of 38 apartments have sold.

One bedrooms priced from $315,000.  Two bedrooms from $385,000.  Three bedrooms from $445,000.

These prices seem relatively reasonable, when compared with suburban six pack developments.

I looked at the floor plans for a 1 bedroom plus study alcove.  The smaller one bed (54 sqm internal plus 13 sqm balcony) was $325,000.  A larger one bed with a bigger study area (64 sqm plus 13 sqm, which is a good size) was $335,000.

A two bedroom, two bathroom apartment was 74 sqm internal with 14 sqm balcony.  It was a "floor through" apartment, with the living room at the front and two bedrooms at the rear.  Some of the floor area was taken up with hallways.  This was $395,000 or $402,000, for example, depending on the level.

A larger two bedroom, two bathroom apartment was 77 sqm plus 13 sqm balcony for $417,000.  Again, a floor through apartment, with the bedrooms separated from the living area.  This appears to be the most popular of the sold apartments.


neilo63 said...

They are relatively cheap because QLD Main Roads will totally re align the on and off ramps between the Pacific and Gateway motorways. There will be a big loop connector between the two highways right in-front of this development!

BradJ said...

Sorry, that's incorrect. TMR did have plans for this ramp some time ago but have since dropped the idea all together. Following that, approval was recently attained for 'Site E' of this development over the land where the ramp was originally planned to go.

TMR however will be undertaking significant upgrades to Miles Platting Road and the wider Gateway/M1 intersection to greatly improve the connectivity for the area.