Monday, June 28, 2010

Gold Coast Oversupplied

Coast High Rise Demand Dries Up

The situation on the Gold Coast is not good. I wonder if everyone will be able to settle new apartment purchases in Soul and Oracle this year, when valuations are likely to come in under contract price. Note that Juniper's last project is SE Qld, Oceans, there have been no resales of apartments for more than the initial off-the-plan contract price -- with some owners selling at $200,000 or more loss. From the Gold Coast Bulletin:

"THE Gold Coast's high-rise market is at a standstill, with only 57 new apartments sold in the May quarter, the quarterly Midwood Report has revealed.This takes the total number of units sold since December last year to 115, the report shows.

Units in the city's biggest projects -- Oracle, Soul and Hilton -- are due to settle later this year. Settlement will depend on valuations, available finance and the circumstances of the owners.

Bill Morris, author of the report, said settlement of these projects would be the 'litmus test' for the market, with many buyers handing over deposits before the onset of the financial crisis, when unit values remained strong. He also said there was enough available stock for five years."

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