Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Is there a housing bubble in Australia?
See this article from The Trump and also this article.

See also comments on the RP Data blog and Domain.

"SQM Research founder Louis Christopher says vendors have "not yet woken up to the reality of the new market".

"There are fewer buyers out there. When houses are selling the best way to sell is at auction. But in a slower market, that's not the best way because you're not going to get as good a result."

"There are listings everywhere. We're in a situation now where buyers are backing away, but there are still people trying to sell. They're not going to get the prices they had hoped for, and it's going to be disappointing for them."

Christopher says that over the rest of the year, there will be an oversupply of stock in the market, which will put downward pressure on prices.

Additionally, he says property investors wanting to sell should have made their move in the first four months of the year. Now, he warns, they may have missed their chance."

See Property Market Has Cooled from SmartCompany

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