Sunday, March 21, 2010

Promised Infrastructure

I often visit off-the-plan sales offices for apartment projects, and I am often told about planned infrastructure. A new pedestrian bridge, or a new CityCat ferry stop, or a new bus route, or a new supermarket planned for a neighbouring or nearby site, or restaurants about to open. I go back a number of years later, and the planned infrastructure is still not there.

Sales agents often talk about stuff that will improve the area but that never actually eventuates. So be careful about such "promises". It is best to look at what the area is like now, because this is how the area may look for some time to come. Do not pay extra for future benefits that may never arrive. If they do arrive, then you will get some capital appreciation.

I walked around West End last night. A Saturday night. Boundary Street was alive and hoping. South Bank was busy and bustling. Montague Road was dead. It was dark and no people were around. Nothing was open. It is still a scary semi-industrial area. So be careful if buying into Flow, or Waters Edge, or Koko or Riverpoint. There is a lack of public transport, and it is a very isolated area. I would not walk home from the city at night to Flow or Riverpoint. The promises made by sales agents to me a number of years ago (new park, CityCat terminal, new coffee shops and restaurants opening, a new supermarket on Montague Road, a new bus route with regular buses for all the new residents) just did not eventuate. Still many light industrial uses and sheds for spray painters.

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