Saturday, March 13, 2010

Mirvac's Waterfront - New "Park" release

Mirvac has started its pre-release sales campaign for the Park building at its Waterfront development in Newstead. From the materials I have seen, it will have about 100 apartments. The building is divided into two sections, Park North and Park South. There is a mix of 2 and 3 bed apartments, plus some 1 bedrooms at the back of the buildings. It appears that this building has no gym or pool.

The floorplans are very Mirvac. For example, the smallest 2 bedroom apartment has a floorplan similar to the two bedroom apartments in Mirvac's Arbour on Grey at Southbank. The difference is size. The Park two bedroom is 81 sqm internal with a 14 sqm balcony, for a total of 95sqm. The similar Arbour on Grey apartment is 106 sqm in total.

That being said, there are some larger two bedrooms, and all seem to be well designed. There are floor-thu apartments, with the living at the front and bedrooms at the rear. The two bedroom apartments range in size from 95sqm total, to 108sqm, to 112sqm, to 116 sqm.

In some of the 2 bedroom apartments, the living room is very small, and is only 3.5m wide, which in my view is too tight. Most of the apartments have the laundry in a cupboard, and have a galley kitchen along the dining room wall (and no island bench).

The building is way back from the river, on a park to be constructed -- the site was an old industrial site, and had contamination problems that have been cleaned up.

Mirvac plans about 7 other buildings for this site, so there will always be more apartments to compete with. Also, FKP and others are building on Newstead River Park site.That being said, it is generally a good location. See maps here and here and here.

What concerns me is price. An equivalent Mirvac two bed apartment, overlooking Southbank Parklands or the Brisbane Botanical Gardens would sell in the price range $650K to $800K, with sizes from 106 sqm to 132 sqm, and river views. It appears that these new Park apartments, although smaller and newer, will sell for $100,000s more than the current price for a quality Mirvac apartment in Brisbane.

And remember that Mirvac had over 15 apartments fail to settle at Tennyson, and they were resold about 20% less than the original sales price.

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