Friday, February 12, 2010

One or Three Bedrooms?

I have always wondered whether developers know what they are doing. Take this for example.

The El Dorado Village Indooroopilly apartment development seemed to have its advertising targeted at suburban empty nesters. The proposed development included twenty end apartments that were three bedroom apartments, 105sqm internal (not large) and 35 sqm balcony. The lower floor 3 bedroom apartments were originally priced from $785,000 to about $825,000 when first released , but when re-launched recently, were priced in the low $900,000 range. There must not have been much interest, because the developer has reconfigured 10 of these apartments into 20 one bedroom and studio apartments. The new apartments are either 53sqm or 55 sqm internal, with either a 13sqm or 30sqm balcony. Priced from $400,000 to $465,000. So this development has lost ten 3 bed apartments and added twenty 1 bed apartments. Over a year ago, I was told by the developer's agent that the developer had finance and would start construction soon. That doesn't sound like it was right.

On the other hand, the developer for Mosaic in the Valley has combined one bedroom apartments to create larger two bedroom and three bedroom apartments. The developer has taken a couple of one bedrooms on the north side of the building and combined them into a two bedroom plus media room (94sqm plus 10 sqm balcony). The developer has also combined three one bedroom apartments on the south side of the building into a three bedroom apartment (134 sqm plus 17 sqm balcony).

In relation to the 2 bed plus media room, they have 2 car parks and the prices are:

Level 13 $799k

Level 14 $820k

Level 15 $840k

Level 16 $860k

So it seems that El Dorado is creating smaller apartments and Mosaic is creating larger apartments.

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