Saturday, February 13, 2010

No Finance Yet for Hamilton Harbour

Devine still has not obtained finance for its Hamilton Harbour development. The AFR reports that it could take up to two months of further negotiations for Devine to obtain finance. The average price of all apartments sold in this development to 31 December 2009 is just less than $520,000 per apartment. For the first tower, the average price is $539,000 per apartment.

From a report to shareholders this week:

"The company’s mixed-use Hamilton Harbour joint venture with Leighton Properties also continues to progress well with over 90% of the first stage being sold by 31 December 2009 with 233 apartments representing $125.6 million in sales.

Following the success of the first stage, the second stage residential tower was released to the market in October 2009 and this has resulted in total sales to date for the two stages of 377 apartments worth $196.6 million with 317 of these sales unconditional with 10% deposit paid. Devine together with its joint venture partner, Leighton Properties, continue to progress securing funding for the construction phase and are confident that this will be achieved."

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