Friday, February 12, 2010

Matusik On Rents

"The unfortunate news about rental growth for this year is that there probably won’t be any. In fact, not only do we foresee a dismal year in 2010 for rental growth, we anticipate limited investor interest in residential property to accompany it.

As we have said previously, our analysis shows that the Australian and Queensland rental market is adequately supplied overall, and recent predictions of rental growth exceeding double figures are unlikely to happen. Expect rent rises of 3% to 5% at best, and more realistically, 0% to 2%. ...

To begin with, existing landlords need to temper their expectations, and new investors should be somewhat conservative on a likely rental return. ...

Make sure your property is “share” friendly. The key here is to provide separate ensuites and bedrooms of equal size, positioned some distance away from each other. Adequate storage and off street parking also helps renters share in relative peace. Research shows that when choosing a property to rent, tenants look at the size and number of bedrooms first, followed by car accommodation and then the indoor/outdoor living space/s.

Location and views are important when it comes to capital growth, but are less important when it comes to renting out a property. Don’t expect a lot more rent for a property with a view or in a trendy spot.
Michael Matusik"

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