Friday, October 16, 2009

Tennyson Reach Liquidation Sale!

As previously reported on this blog, a number of off-the-plan purchasers at Mirvac's Tennyson Reach failed to settle, and are being sued by Mirvac. Mirvac is now selling these apartments by auction.

A very frenetic listing week has culminated with the official listing of nine riverfront apartments (under instructions from Mirvac Queensland where the buyers have not settled). These apartments are to be auctioned in a line on Saturday the 14th November at 12 noon. Our clear instructions are that these quality riverfront apartments WILL BE SOLD.

Elsewhere, buyer activity in the middle and upper ends of the market continues to increase as we move into one of the busiest sales times of the year.

Warm Regards,
Dianne Bauer

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