Friday, October 30, 2009

Mosaic in the Valley

Mosaic The Valley is now being sold off-the-plan, with a large advertising campaign. It is located on Ann Street (the major road from the airport to the city), at Church Street. If there are enough off-the-plan sales, so that construction can start, the developer hopes to complete in mid-2012.

There are 16 apartments per floor, mostly small 1 bed apartments. The building is about 15 stories high. There are over 200 apartments. The building does not have a pool. Most apartments do not have a balcony.

The apartments are small. For example, there is a studio apartment which is 50sqm. The bedroom is located internally, with sliding doors that can open. A similar sign is 54sqm. The 54sqm studio apartment, with a car park, on a mid-level is about $500,000 (or $435,000 without a car).

The largest style apartment is a 2 bed, 2 bath, for example, 79sqm, plus a 7 sqm balcony. The two bedroom apartments are located at each of the four corners of the floorplate -- so two are on Ann Street, and the other two face West. Not ideal in either case.

The two bedroom apartments range from $505,000 to $700,000.

The developer is Leighton Properties.


gbattista said...

Does anyone know what the delay is with commencement of Mosaic in Fortitude Valley? Repeated requests for information about commencement date just get the response 'we will keep you informed'! But its now been two years and no sign of any building commencement.

gbattista said...

Does anyone know what the delay is with commencement of Mosaic apartments in Fortitude Valley? Repeated requests for information are met with a 'we will keep you informed' response. After 2 years there is no sign of any building work.

ninjaxxx said...

Gbattista - please contact me. My name is Wagner Higgins. I am an investor at Mosaic and I have information which you may be interested to know. I have had similar frustrations with Mosaic. My email is Any other buyers who would like to share information are also welcome to contact me.

Unknown said...

Mosaic is a definant!!!

Mosaic is under construction, has over 50% of the apartments sold, is releasing stage 2 soon. Hotel sold, managment rights sold.

You can't get more going ahead than that!!!