Friday, October 2, 2009

Misleading Advertisement for Pulse

Here is text of an advertisement for the Pulse off-the-plan apartment complex:

"Best Value Apartment in Brisbane CBD. This 2 bedroom 2 bathroom inner city apartment located in the heart of Brisbane CBD is an unbelievable $499,000."

Advertisement by Martin Graham from Property Focus.

I am not sure how an apartment building that is almost in Milton could be said to be in the "heart of the Brisbane CBD"! Have a look at the photo from the advertisement -- you can't even see the CBD. This complex is close to Milton Road, Coronation Drive and with views of the Inner City By Pass.

And on what basis is this the best value 2 bedroom apartment in Brisbane??

Take care, because FKP's complex next door to Pulse (Vue) has had capital decline, not capital growth.

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