Monday, March 7, 2016

Off the plan risks

Two stories in the AFR today are worth reading, both on page 33.

The first is titled "Industry warns of settlements failure".  It has a chart that shows that the average number of completed apartments in Brisbane for the period 2007 to 2014 was less than 2,500 a year.  For 2016, it is predicted to be more than 5,000 in the year.  For 2017, it is closer to 10,000, or more than 3 times the past average.

"The settlement risk will occur in places where prices are slowing and the market's getting harder."

"Banks are not only cutting back their LVRs, they are also taking a more conservative approach to valuing completed apartments, and in the case of at least one retail bank, this meaning between 15 and 23 per cent below the purchase price."

So if you are buying off the plan, and have paid a 10% deposit, you may need to stump up 40% of the contract price, because the Banks may only lend in effect 50% of the purchase price.

The second article is titled "Lenders nervous about incentives to apartment buyers".  It states:

"A recent survey by WBP Property sowed nearly half of the off-the-plan sales in the eight months to last August were in negative equity, which means worth less than the purchase price."  And this does not take into account transaction costs, such as stamp duty.

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