Sunday, July 28, 2013

Off-the-plan apartments overpriced

A story in the Courier Mail yesterday:  "Bank revaluations hit apartment buyers".  Some extracts:
  • Buyers of off-the-plan apartments are reporting that banks are revaluing their properties once the buildings are completed and only lending a lesser amount.
  • "The difference between the price paid by a property buyer and the bank valuation is often high, over 20%, and the differential is spreading.  Many off-the-plan purchases are made at prices significantly above true market price.  On completion, it is not uncommon for valuations to come in at least 10 to 15% below the contract price." said Michael Yardney.
  • The problem arises in two ways:  the buyer initially pays too much and the property declines in value during the construction period.
  • "As a general rule, off-the-plan will go down in value as soon as it's built." said Mr Roylance, director of iProperty Plan.
  • In this situation, the lender will usually provide a loan at 80% of the valuation, not 80% of the contract price.

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