Sunday, June 9, 2013

Skyview Apartments at Kelvin Grove

Pradella is marketing SkyView apartments at Kelvin Grove.  These are part of the Urban Edge development.  The other two buildings on this site have been completed.  SkyView is currently in the early stages of construction.

The building is 14 levels.  There are 174 apartments.  Of these, 100 have one bedroom; 60 have two bedrooms and 14 have three bedrooms.

As at late May 2013, about 20 apartments had sold.

Prices range as follows:
  • One bedrooms -- $326,000 to $484,000
  • Two bedrooms - $506,000 to $705,000
  • Three bedrooms - $789,000 to $889,000
Examples of apartments for sale:
  • Apt 31010, level 10, 1 bedroom, bedroom at rear of apartment with no views, 51 sqm internal, 70 sqm total - $466,000
  • Apt 30709, level 7, 2 bed, 2 bath, second bedroom at rear with no views, 81 sqm internal, 103 sqm total - $654,000
  • Apt 30501, level 5, 3 bed, 2 bath, 114 sqm internal, 137 sqm total - $829,000
These apartments seem to be larger than many of the other apartments being sold by developers at present.  They also seem to me to be expensive.  The location is good.  The views will be great from the higher floors.  The design of building is only one apartment wide, so that airflow can go from the front of the apartment to the back.  Again, it seems that Pradella is putting air conditioning compressors on the balconies, which I do not like.  The living room is narrow -- 3.6m in some two bedroom apartments -- my rule of thumb is that the living room should be 4m wide and 6 m deep a minimum.  Here, the size is 3.6 m wide and 4m deep.

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