Saturday, June 8, 2013

Ryder says Brisbane apartment market is heating up

A commentator named Terry Ryder says that the Brisbane apartment market heats up.  See story on Property Observer website.  However, take care reading this.  The article is based primarily of sales of new and off-the-plan apartments.  What is not stated is that these sales often made to foreign investors, who cannot purchase existing apartments due to FIRB rules.  When looking at resales of existing (i.e., not new) apartments, the story is different.  For example, the REIQ report, mentioned in a post yesterday, shows that less than 1 apartment per day sold in the March 2013 quarter in downtown Brisbane.

Ryder also says that consumers (I suspect he means foreign investors) have a preference for 1 bedroom apartments over 2 bedroom apartments.  My guess is that this is because new two bedroom apartments being sold by developers are overpriced.

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