Friday, March 8, 2013


"Australia’s housing recovery, which is seven months young, is solidifying. The question is how hard and long it will run. In January last year I wrote that if the Reserve Bank of Australia cut rates again, one could expect the rebound in this interest rate-sensitive sector to accelerate. ...

With banks dulling earlier policy easings, Australia’s housing market did not get any real relief until the RBA’s hefty 75 basis point cuts over May and June. The response was almost immediate: home values in most Australian cities began appreciating in June last year. Since then they have risen about 4 per cent across the five major capital cities, with better growth again in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.  Additional cuts in October and December ensured that the cost of housing has accelerated more rapidly this year. Based on the latest data to March 7, Australian dwelling values have climbed more than 2 per cent already in 2013."

See Chris Joye in AFR:  Property Stuggles Back

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